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'He went above and beyond on the day and getting the finished product was so exciting. I watched it about 10 times the first day, 
crying the whole way through' - Anna


3 x usb keys

1 x 1-2 hr hd film with everything from the day
1 x short highlight film

I offer a beautiful homemade box, which contains three usb keys. Each key has on it a high resolution film with all the highlights from morning-night of the wedding. It also a contains a carefully edited short film, celebrating the unique narrative of the day. I take great pride in these films and really try to capture the unified emotion of the couple, their respective families, and all the attending guests. 
Each film is tailored to the individual couple and the music, words, and images, are chosen very carefully. I offer a very affordable bespoke service and love meeting the couple in advance and working out exactly how best we can capture the emotion of their day. 

For any information or queries please


Aoife & Phil

We can honestly say we've watched the short clip about 100 times already, both it and the long video are amazing. Thank you so much for giving us such a stunning memento of a wonderful day. 

Eoin & Jackie

Oh my God. The clip was amazing. Niall was a pleasure to deal with. So genuine and professional. He was really discrete on the day but captured so many magic moments. Loved loved loved everything and couldn't have asked for a better videographer.

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