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Hi, I'm Niall, and thanks so much for visiting my home for wedding cinematography. I really hope you enjoy my                           .
My background is in documentary filmmaking and this is why I have gravitated towards wedding films. My passion is in always telling stories through emotion. I never had an interest in just cobbling a series of images together. Wedding cinematography is an art form and I make sure to treat it as such.
Each of my films has a unique style, crafted over long hours.  Each wedding has its own particular flavour and so I feel it's important that the film I deliver reflects this. There are moments at every wedding that leave a lump in your throat or a smile on your face. Moments that sum up the couple and the friends they have gathered over the years. I love capturing all of this and structuring it into the entertaining narrative it deserves.
If this sounds like the kind of film you'd be interested in then                          and we'll create something wonderful!




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